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Rabbit Day - Last Saturday (or Sunday) in February

 1st - 2008: Feb. 23rd
 2nd - 2009: Feb. 24th
 3rd - 2010: Feb: 27th
 4th - 2011: Feb: 26th
 5th - 2012: Feb: 25th
 6th - 2013: Feb: 23rd
 7th - 2014: Feb: 22nd
 8th - 2015: Feb: 28th
 9th - 2016: Feb: 27th
10th - 2017: Feb: 25th
11th - 2018: Feb: 25th
12th - 2019: Mar: 30th
13th - 2020: Feb: 29th
14th - 2021: Feb: 27th
15th - 2022: Feb: 26th



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FB Rabbit Day 2019
Bunfest Event

       Rabbit Day was created in 2008 by Triangle Rabbits and AniMall located in North Carolina. The day was started as annual Rabbit Day to inform, educate and introduce people to the joy of house rabbits as pets, and to celebrate "Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month" for the month of February. Celebrated on the last Saturday (or Sunday) in February.

       New for 2019: "Save the date for our 12th annual Rabbit Day-Bunfest! This year we're merging our traditional winter Rabbit Day and summer Bunfest into one spring event. March 30 is the big day! We will have adoptable rabbits, vendors with toys and treats, and lots of great rabbit care information. Bunnies can show off their skills on the mini-agility course or try for a spare (carrot) in bunny bowling! We would love to see you and your friends and family at the event!" - Triangle Rabbits



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