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This information is for reference only! See a rabbit savvy Vet if you need help with your rabbit! Currently there is only one main active online support group that focuses on genetic Megacolon for rabbits.

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       "This is a new group specifically for bunnies with the En/En gene colouration with a diagnosis or suspicion of megacolon." - "This group is private and only members may post or read but please do refer anyone interested to us." - "It's an area which is underexplored in rabbits though there is much more research with horses, cats, rats. we are still hopeful for a rabbit specialist to take up the challenge of addressing it officially but meanwhile we have this list." - Group explanation and origin:
Group owners information here.

       Joining Megacolon Bunnies on facebook: It's a Secret Group.
  • 1) First you will need to friend request Dani (the group's main admin) on facebook.
  • 2) Then request to be added to the group by emailing Dani at: Clint Dinkums (aka mossbinky). Dani will normally triage the issues in pvt while adding you to the group. Note: Dani is not super active on facebook so it may take a day or two.
  • 3) Normally when you join, you can post any problems along with pictures of your rabbit's fur markings and poop pictures to help to introduce you and your rabbit... examples:

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       "Striving to find safe treatments and a permanent cure for megacolon in rabbits." The Megacolon Rabbits community is run by Ian Elwood (House Rabbit Society educator & volunteer with Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary)

This group is dead. It point to
Megacolon Rabbits - Public Group, as this group is also dead, it seems to be a place holder for future things. "A private discussion group for people interested in treating and curing megacolon in rabbits."

Loading... Bunny Lovers Unite - subgroup for Megacolon

Loading... ETHERBUN - Mailing list

       ETHERBUN is a good general mailing list that also covers "rabbit medical care and general health."

       "ETHERBUN - an electronic mailing list devoted to care, health and behavior of domestic companion rabbits. The list is free of charge, and offers a wealth of information, especially for the new rabbit "parent." Almost all our participants are owned by companion rabbits, and a great number are seasoned rabbit rescuers who have a great deal of experience in dealing with the unique challenges our rabbit friends pose. Also, EtherBun is a good resource for those interested in learning more about rabbit medical care and general health." - ETHERBUN
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